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Pieter Roose

Pieter Roose began his artistic career in Belgium in the mid-nineties, painting murals with air brush and spray paint,  experimenting with window dressing and interior design.

He started studying art in 1995, the foundations of graphic arts, photography, sculpture, scenography, and interior design. At the age of 19 he left formal studies to give expression to his deep desire to travel and his addiction too drawing and painting. This was a medium for him to discover more about himself, to find peace, and to communicate his feelings with the world.

Since 2013 progressively, he started to be more active again as a DJ,  beatboxer and rap artist. At the present moment he has been able to find a balance in expressing his passion for visual art, spirituality, music and healing.

My paitings

Art Gallery

The full collection of Pieter Roose paitings across the time. In this gallery you will find different projects exploring diferent technics.

Musical Expression

Todos Formamos Parte

Last video clip of Pieter Roose performing his new rap song «Todos Formamos Parte» produced by Germain Sebastien.

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