Visual Arts


Welcome to the full collection of Pieter Roose paintings across the time. In this gallery you will find different projects exploring different technics.

Industrial Project

Old objects, old walls, textures and such. bringing all together with simplified images and oxidations technics.

Organic Project

This collection expresses a deep connection with nature, starting with a complete black, brown or other colour covered canvas.

Recent Works

Pieter’s mostly abstract works. Here he brings together textures, oxidations, image, and organic shapes.


In this collection you can see some of Pieter’s drawings and aquarelles mixing diferents types of technics and suport.


Portraits in a very realistic way, adding textures to give them more expression than he perceived in the original pictures.

Zoom Project

This is a collection of small size paintings, exploring details, textures, oxidations or images from different sources.

Apparel Designs

Here you can see some of pieter’s t-shirt designs from the period working for the graphic design studio «Gloria Jover».